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Hadoop – Learn Free HDFS Files Operations


How to Start HDFS Files

hadoop-HDFS-files-operations (HDFS files)

To start HDFS files you have to format the configured HDFS files by executing following command:

After formatting HDFS files, use the following command to start the namenode as well as the data nodes as cluster.

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How to List Files in HDFS

In order to check the status of file in directory, you can use “ls”. Use the following command:

How to Insert Data Files in HDFS

  • Step 1

First you have to create a input file directory. Use following command to create a directory:

  • Step 2

Since your file is still on your local system. You need to transfer file from local system to Hadoop file sytem. Use the following command:

  • Step 3

Now you have Inserted file in HDFS. You can verify this using “ls” command as following:

How to Retrieving Data from HDFS

Example: You want to retrieve data of file name

  • Step 1

Firstly use “cat” command to view data from HDFS servers. Use following command:

  • Step 2

This step is reverse of Step 2 of How to Insert Data Files in HDFS shown above.

You have to move file from HDFS to your local server. Use following command to get the data to local server:

  • Step 3

Shutting Down HDFS

To shutdown HDFS you can use following Command: